“XML Web Services Implementation: Best Practices”

January 1, 2005

“XML Web Services Implementation: Best Practices”

Judith S. Hurwitz, CEO and President
Marcia A. Kaufman, Partner

The Enterprise Architects we interviewed all referred to the increase in business agility and reduction in business risk that occurred as a result of implementing Reactivity to develop, deploy and operate their Web services.
Companies continue to find ways to increase their agility and flexibility in order to respond dynamically to business opportunities and threats. Hurwitz & Associates believes that the implementation of a service oriented architectural (SOA) approach with a Web services foundation is an imperative. From our research we have found that the benefits to organizations from Web services are recognized across a diverse mix of vertical industries including manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, transportation, and energy. All these industries have one issue in common: they need to have the ability to link between their customers, suppliers, and partners in an easy, secure, and predictable manner. They need to be able to have control and predictability in how they approach the market. All of this must be accomplished in real time – such as being able to add a new partner or application in hours rather than days or weeks.

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