Why Amazon.com made my day

January 17, 2007

Why Amazon.com made my day

Amazon.com is on my mind today.  I ordered a book the other day; now that may not sound revolutionary but it was important to me.  

My father was a clinical psychologist who died 25 years ago.  In the 1960s he wrote a book called “Opening Doors for Troubled People.” I have a copy of the book, but I really would like a couple more copies to give to my kids.  In the olds, pre-Amazon.com days, I would have been out of luck.  I went onto the web the other day and was able to order the very last copy out there.  It is ironic – I spend so much of my time analyzing the consequences of emerging distributed technologies on organizations that I sometimes lose sight of some of the subtle human dimensions of this very distributed world.  I am very happy to have found this very precious book – thank you Amazon!

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