What is the Opportunity Mapping Process?

December 1, 2009

What is the Opportunity Mapping Process?

The Opportunity Mapping process is based on creating a benchmark foundation for the building blocks of your go to market strategy. Our consultants provide an objective and knowledge-based approach to discovering what you sell, how you sell it, and where you stand in the market. For example, we conduct in-depth interviews with customers, partners, sales personnel, and senior management. We also review current marketing materials and look for patterns in your sales history such as identifying which types of customers in which market sectors were most easily converted from prospects into customers.  All of this information is put into context with our deep understanding of technology markets. We put this benchmark to work to help you with everything from deep competitive analysis and partnering strategies to thought leadership and advice on entering adjacent markets.

How the Opportunity Mapping Service Works

The Opportunity Mapping Service is modular. You can buy as much or as little as you need to meet your needs. Once you complete the mandatory foundational mapping service you select the modules that focus on the problem you are trying to solve.

Foundational Opportunity Mapping Service

This foundation service provides you will the insight, assessment, and information you need to discover your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in the market.  Once this foundation is in place, Hurwitz & Associates consultants can move in whatever direction you need to focus on the areas that have the greatest potential for success.

What’s in the foundational service?

  • Discovery Phase. During this phase, Hurwitz & Associates consultants provide a benchmark for where you are today review your marketing materials, white papers, technical reports to assess how you position yourself to customers. We also interview members of your management team, key salespeople, and a selection of customers.
  • Benchmark Report. Based on the analysis of the discovery phase, Hurwitz consultants will create a benchmark report. This initial phase becomes the foundation for other modules of the Opportunity Mapping Service. The report highlights issues such as how is your company currently positioned? How do customers perceive your company’s value? How does this match management’s perception of your company’s mission and value to customers?
What’s next?
Select the Opportunity Mapping Workshop that’s right for you. See the sidebar for details on the Pain Mapping Workshop, Opportunity Outcomes Workshop, Messaging and Positioning Workshop, and the Partner Strategy Workshop.

Opportunity Mapping Retainer Service

Many of our clients discover that creating the strategy and plan is just the first step. Therefore, we offer ongoing support for your go to market efforts.  After you select the foundation service, Hurwitz & Associates can offer any of the workshop modules in whichever way meets your needs. In addition, we offer a retainer-based service to give you ongoing support for the plans you put in place.  This service can be purchased for a single month, quarter, or a full year.

Go to Market with Opportunity Mapping

Once our consultants have partnered with you to establish a strategy, we are in a great position to help you magnify your messages to the market. We offer a continuum of services designed to help you be successful. These services include:

  • Speeches and Webinars. Hurwitz & Associates consultants can speak at your events, serve as an objective expert in your webinars
  • White papers. White papers are useful in explaining the value and benefit of your products to prospective customers. After all, prospects will not buy a product that they don’t understand. A typical paper from Hurwitz & Associates will include examples of customers that have successfully used your products. Focusing on how you solve customers problems is the best road to success
  • Primary research studies. Asking questions and using these results as a marketing tool is a very effective platform to get the attention of prospects. Our senior consultants have decades of experience creating and executing sophisticated studies that get results.
  • Total Cost of Ownership analysis. Successful products offer a good return on investment. Our consultants have designed sophisticated models for determining the total cost of ownership for successful technologies.
  • Market research. How do you compare to key competitors? What do their customers like or dislike about their products? How can you capitalize on market shifts or the holes in your competitors’ offerings? This is the type of in-depth, probing research that our consultants perform.
Opportunity Mapping Service
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