Thought Leadership

February 26, 2007

Thought Leadership

The Hurwitz & Associates senior leadership team provides thoughtful analysis of emerging trends and how they impact customers.  The Hurwitz team provides insights and innovative thinking that helps our clients to understand the implication of emerging and innovative approaches often ahead of the market.

For example, our team provided guidance regarding issues around anti-virus software.  We were among the first to explain to management the value of a Service Oriented Architecture through our best selling book, Service Oriented Architectures for Dummies.  Because of our knowledge and insight, we provide actionable leadership to both suppliers and consumers of important software technologies.

Our team takes a holistic view of an emerging technology and puts in into perspective both in terms of its likelihood of success and its value to customers. We look at how IT vendor’s offerings of software, hardware, storage, and services enable business innovation and growth in business productivity and profitability. Our focus is on best practices and how organizations use technology to improve their relationships with customers, partners, and suppliers.

An extensive selection of our thought leadership articles, papers, and reports published as a result of our independent primary research and client engagements are available for download from this website. Our Analysts are regularly engaged in speaking engagements and webinars. You will find listings and downloads of speeches available as well.


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Recent Publications by members of Hurwitz Executive Team




Selected publications from Hurwitz & Associates are available for downloading from this site. Please register for the site if you would like to access Hurwitz Insight newsletter articles or downlaod reports and other publications.

Newsletters – Hurwitz & Associates publishes a monthly newsletter. We cover a wide range of issues in subject areas such as Service oriented Architecture, IT and physical security, identity management, text analytics, data quality, information management, and software quality and testing. In addition, we cover trends in IT vendor strategy including commentary on mergers and acquisitions.

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Vantage Points – Hurwitz & Associates engages in briefings with major IT infrastructure vendors and hundreds of emerging software vendors on a regular basis.  When possible the information discussed during a briefing provides content for a 2-3 page VantagePoint on the vendor’s technology and the business value it will bring to an organization.


Whitepapers – Hurwitz & Associates writes thought leadership whitepapers exploring current trends on a range of IT topics. Recent whitepapers have covered the following topics:  SOA governance, information as a service, partnering ecosystems, workload automation, and application control/software authentication.


Hurwitz Customer Benefit GreenPapers – A GreenPaper provides insight into the business challenges organizations face, why they chose to implement a particular technology, and what technical and business benefits they gained from the implementation. Recent research has examined the customer benefit of implementing technology to improve enterprise information integration, transform application development technology, and optimize software quality and testing.





Thought Leadership
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