The Value of Asset Management for the IT Financial Manager

April 21, 2010

The Value of Asset Management for the IT Financial Manager


Judith Hurwitz, President

Marcia Kaufman, COO

Sponsored by IBM

IT Financial managers are accountable for an organization’s contractual obligations for licensed software.

The increasing prevalence of software audits places the IT Financial manager in a difficult position, unless he has immediate access to accurate information about software license usage at the organization. Often it takes a long time to compile the information required to gain a complete view of software license usage across the organization. Once the compilation is complete the IT Financial Manager is not always confident in the accuracy of this information. Software contracts are very complex because they must take into account the version of software, the maintenance of that software platform, the costs associated with the hardware configuration and the number of users authorized to use that software. As the number of licenses and the complexity of those licenses increases, the traditional manual methods of keeping track of software licenses becomes unwieldy. Improving the management of your IT assets can help ensure your company is in compliance with contract requirements and optimizing the use of the IT assets you are paying for.

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