The Journey to Cloud Computing: from experimentation to business reality

September 15, 2010

The Journey to Cloud Computing: from experimentation to business reality


Judith Hurwitz, President
Marcia Kaufman, COO and Principal Analyst

Sponsored by IBM

Insight into the journey to enterprise cloud computing from a quality of service perspective. Many companies have initially looked to virtualization to drive higher utilization of IT resources, lower capital expenses, and enable the scalability required to support business growth. These companies have also focused on standardizing and automating IT environments to reduce costs and improve the quality of service to customers. However, as organizations move from experimental cloud implementations to using the cloud for mission critical workloads, quality of service requirements take on a new dimension. Service issues that may have been overlooked with less critical workloads may become magnified, exposing the company to significant risk. To protect against higher levels of risk it becomes increasingly important to translate existing internal data center policies into policies that make sense in the cloud. Therefore, we will provide insights into the key elements that these organizations need to focus on to ensure that policies for security, governance, and scalability are maintained as mission critical workloads are moved to the cloud.

In addition, we provide an overview of what capabilities IBM Power Systems™ cloud solutions offer to support customers.

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