“The Business Applications of Identity Resolution”

December 1, 2005

“The Business Applications of Identity Resolution”


Robin Bloor, Partner
Dr. Fern Halper, Partner

Sponsored by IBM

The sharing of personal data in this secure way is of particular use in situations where the data being shared is highly sensitive.
All organizations hold and use information about people. These people may be customers, employees, contractors, agents, suppliers, or contacts. The information that is held is gradually accumulated over time. Some of it may have been acquired through agencies or via indirect sources of data. Some of the information may have been provided on an as-needed basis by ad-hoc information sources.
Unfortunately, such information can be and often is inaccurate in many different ways and this lack of accuracy creates a need for Identity Resolution. Identity Resolution technology is software that applies a set of logical rules to information about people in order to increase accuracy and reduce the possibility of misidentification. Misidentification can, of course, have a large impact in specific areas such as money laundering and fraudulent claims as well as an across the board impact in corporate functions such as marketing.

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