Text Analytics Report Update

May 7, 2008

Text Analytics Report Update

Introduction and Objectives

Last summer, Hurwitz & Associates published a benchmark study entitled, "Text Analytics: the road to Understanding your Company’s Unstructured Information". As part of this major research initiative in text analytics, Hurwitz & Associates surveyed over 100 large U.S. organizations (over $200 million in revenue) during 2007. The survey respondents included companies which had already deployed the technology, those who were planning to deploy within the next year, and those who had no plan to deploy but were familiar with the technology. The text analytics market has matured and the landscape has changed since the benchmark was published.

Study Type

This study will be offered as a multi-client sponsored research study.

Sponsor Benefits

Sponsors will have input to the questions asked as well as receive a copy of the report to distribute to their clients and prospects. Other benefits include:

·     Understanding the market opportunity and customer intentions for the technology

·     Understanding roadblocks to adoption

·     Understanding challenges companies are facing with the with the technology

·     Help in identifying a go to market strategy

Publication Date and Contact Information

September, 2008 please contact Carol Caliendo at carol.caliendo@hurwitz.com for further information.

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