SOA Training & Consulting

February 13, 2007

SOA Training & Consulting

Do you want to understand more about what service oriented architecture (SOA) might mean for your company? Are you evaluating the use of SOA? Or are you responsible for actually implementing SOA and other technology solutions?

We can help. As SOA experts, Hurwitz &Associates deliver SOA consulting & training under the umbrella of SOA Universe.

What is SOA Universe?

SOA Universe is a joint venture that takes advantage of the complementary expertise of Hurwitz & Associates and LiquidHub. We are SOA authorities, thought leaders, and authors of the best selling book Service Oriented Architecture for Dummies. LiquidHub consults on and implements strategy, applications, data, and infrastructure solutions that take advantage of SOA.

SOA Universe provides a comprehensive approach to the concept of SOA within an organization. The offerings include executive education, readiness assessment, hard-core technical training, and workshops on due diligence and implementation planning. In addition, seminars and round table meetings optimize teamwork among IT and business management. In short, SOA Universe prepares organizations to improve their businesses processes through the use of SOA.

Learn more at the SOA Universe Website

What is SOA?

SOA dramatically increases your ability to respond effectively to shifts in technology and the marketplace. The SOA approach uses broadly-adopted Web services standards that ensure almost unlimited interoperability. As a result, your application silos can exchange data and processes without costly renovations to your computing infrastructure. The SOA environment supports seamless integration, empowering you to model your IT decisions on business processes rather than specific software functionality.

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