“Small Business Put Email Marketing to Work”

August 31, 2009

“Small Business Put Email Marketing to Work”


Sanjeev Aggarwal, Partner

Laurie McCabe, Partner

Sponsored by Campaigner

Email Marketing Adoption and Characteristics

This report, the second of two, highlights key findings from a survey conducted in July 2009 by Hurwitz & Associates, and is sponsored by Campaigner. The survey investigates how North American small businesses with 1-20 employees are succeeding today, and how they are adapting their marketing plans and budgets to compete more effectively.  Email marketing has become a mainstream marketing staple for small businesses (Figure 1).

  • 46% of small businesses currently use email marketing
  • 36% plan to begin in the next 12 months

• 18% do not use email marketing and have no plans to begin

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