Victory Index

Hurwitz & Associates designed the Victory Index as a market research assessment tool.  The Victory Index highlights both the diverse uses for text analytics technology such as understanding the voice of the customer, risk analysis and identifying fraud, and the vendors who make those applications possible.  The Victory index examines vendors through analysis of four key dimensions: Vision, Viability, Validity and Value.  Hurwitz & Associates has published Victory Index reports in the areas of text analytics and predictive analytics.

The Victory Index uses a rigorous methodology that assess over 50 attributes across these four dimensions:

Vision:  The strength of the company’s strategy.

Viability:  The strength and stability of the company itself.

Validity:  The strength of the product that the company delivers.

Value:  The advantage the technology provides to customers.

At Hurwitz & Associates we take pride in providing a holistic view of the value and benefit of important technologies. We assess not just the technical capability of the technology but its ability to provide tangible value to the business. The Victory Index serves as a critical guide for those looking to adopt technologies that can deliver the competitive edge needed to succeed in today’s dynamic business environment.