Selling Strategies

How can sales personnel understand how to sell the value of new product offerings to customers? It is difficult when there is turnover in the sales team and when sellers are asked to sell a variety of product offerings that they might lack deep knowledge.

Sellers can benefit from a variety of services including:

  • Sellers’ Handbooks is a reference to help sales teams gain a deeper understanding of the business value of solutions and how they address customer problems and requirements so that there is a better chance that the customer will buy.
  • Sellers need to have a clear understanding of the competitive environment so they are prepared to overcome objections and convince prospective customers to buy.
  • Sellers’ Videos is an interactive and visual guide to help the sales team understand how to speak to prospects about the business and technical value of the company’s offerings.
  • Sales Training.  Hurwitz & Associates provides both in-person and online sales training on technologies including Big Data and Cloud Computing.

The analysts at Hurwitz & Associates will work closely with your organization’s executive team to create action-oriented information.  The Seller’s Handbook is meant to be a living document that can be updated in order to stay timely. The Seller’s Handbook will include:

Overview of the technologies that are being addressed.  This includes business problems that your offering addresses as well as the customer perspective on the technology.  Sellers will better understand what their customers are thinking and the struggles that they are currently facing. It will then map the offerings from the vendor that are available to solve problems.

Competitive landscape.  The Seller’s Handbook will give a description of key competitor technology, what customer’s are saying about those technologies, and how your offerings compare to competitors.  This section will provide sellers with up-to-date information on how to address customer questions about competing offerings. If a seller understands the competitive landscape it is much easier to overcome objections. Knowledge is power.

Entry points.  It is much easier for a seller to be successful if they can offer a prospect an easy way to get started.  We will identify several key entry points.  This gives sellers the opportunity to offer solutions that solve specific pain points. Often customers want to be able to start small and grow with a solution as their needs expand. By providing customers and prospects with good starting points it is easier for sellers to achieve their goals.

Overcoming custom objections.  One of the most difficult issues for Sellers’ is to answer a prospect’s most important objections. Often a prospect will be talking to many competitors at the same time.  Having compelling answers to objections can be the difference between success and failure. This section gives sellers concrete guidance to be prepared to answer questions before they arise.