Primary Research

Customer Benefit Research


Hurwitz & Associates conducts in-depth primary research through both online surveys and direct customer interviews to gain insights into the technical and business benefits gained from using products.  Typically, customer data is aggregated without mentioning customer names.  The study results are placed into compelling charts with commentary that are useful for the sales team to demonstrate value to prospects. This concrete, substantiated and objective data is obtained through proven Hurwitz & Associates methodology.  Potential customers always need to understand the benefit that they can gain through the use of emerging technologies.  Customer benefit studies provides the right level of detail to help prospects make informed decisions.  Hurwitz & Associates consultants further help our clients by providing an in-depth assessment of what customers have revealed. This insight combined with recommended changes or next actions can help a vendor further increase sales and keep existing customers satisfied.


Our research methodology is as follows:

  •  Work directly with vendor to determine goals and requirements for research engagement
  •  Perform in-depth product and strategy evaluation
  •  Design and carry out web-based, phone, and in-person questionnaires intended to get to the key outcomes
  •  Conduct a variety of approaches to research including win/loss surveys, customer benefit studies, and customer requirements studies.
  •  Turn primary research into actionable findings that can be used in reports and presentations with prospects and customers.
  •  Provide follow on consulting to vendors based on outcomes of research