Consulting Services

Hurwitz and Associates helps provide technology providers with guidance to optimize companies go to market direction so that customers quickly understand the value of offerings.  Hurwitz & Associates has helped many emerging and established enterprise clients understand the business value of technology in order to improve sales and customer adoption. Our analysts routinely consult with vendors on how to be successful in go-to-market strategies by objectively assessing the business and operational value of technology and then helping companies to in positioning and messaging for new initiatives and offerings. In addition, our team can provide a methodology and guidance to your customer advisory board to ensure they include compelling content and result in directive action that impoves customer satisfaction.

Our consultants and analysts are actively engaged in the IT market and are able to help our clients understand customer pain and how their solutions can address business problems. In the course of ongoing research studies such as the Hurwitz Victory Index, our team engages with hundreds of customers in a variety of industries. We bring this in-depth knowledge of the customer experience to our consulting.

Our review and recommendations help clients more effectively go to market through a variety of services including:

Product positioning and message testing.  This helps our clients move to a clear, articulate value proposition so that customers understand the product and its value both technically and economically. Our perspective is that customers will not buy what they do not understand.

Product Packaging and Pricing.  Many product packaging and pricing is too complex for customers.  If the product does not have a well defined entry point, it will be difficult for customers to get started. Modular packaging and pricing are often the secrets to success.

Partnership Strategies. If a company has a well defined partner strategy it can make a difference between success and failure. We work with our clients to help define a partnership strategy that gets results.

Customer Advisory Boards. A Customer Advisory Board is an effective way to understand how customers want to interact with your company.  What do customers like? How do they need you to change? Where are customers headed in the future?  This service will help you develop effective go to market strategies that link the emerging customer needs to the great potential buried in your products and services.

Competitive Analysis.  Our analysts work to provide an understanding of competitive threats so that you are your product and sales teams are prepared.

Due diligence on potential acquisitions and technology directions. We provide an objective assessment of the potential acquisitions based on technology soundness, fit, and effectiveness.

Sales training.  We help technology vendors train the sales force so that sales professionals are prepared to provide context so that a sales professional is providing a comprehensive and holistic articulation of value based on customer objectives and needs.

Hurwitz & Associates analysts provide a methodology and guidance to your customer advisory board to ensure that they include compelling content and result in directive action that improves customer satisfaction.