Consulting Services

Hurwitz and Associates helps provide technology providers with guidance to optimize companies go to market direction so that customers quickly understand the value of offerings.  Hurwitz & Associates has helped many emerging and established enterprise clients understand the business value of technology in order to improve sales and customer adoption.

Our analysts routinely consult with vendors on how to be successful in go-to-market strategies by objectively assessing the business and operational value of technology and then helping companies to in positioning and messaging for new initiatives and offerings. In addition, our team can provide a methodology and guidance to your customer advisory board to ensure they include compelling content and result in directive action that improves customer satisfaction.

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Customer Benefit Research

Hurwitz & Associates conducts in-depth primary research through both online surveys and direct customer interviews to gain insights into the technical and business benefits gained from using products.  Typically, customer data is aggregated without mentioning customer names.

The study results are placed into compelling charts with commentary that are useful for the sales team to demonstrate value to prospects.This concrete, substantiated and objective data is obtained through proven Hurwitz & Associates methodology.

Potential customers always need to understand the benefit that they can gain through the use of emerging technologies.  Customer benefit studies provides the right level of detail to help prospects make informed decisions.

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Selling Strategies

How can sales personnel understand how to sell the value of new product offerings to customers? It is difficult when there is turnover in the sales team and when sellers are asked to sell a variety of product offerings that they might lack deep knowledge.

Sellers can benefit from a variety of services including:

  • Sellers’ Handbooks is a reference to help sales teams gain a deeper understanding of the business value of solutions and how they address customer problems and requirements so that there is a better chance that the customer will buy.
  • Sellers need to have a clear understanding of the competitive environment so they are prepared to overcome objections and convince prospective customers to buy.

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Speaking Engagements
Hurwitz & Associates analysts are well regarded as speakers at industry events. This includes keynote speeches, moderating sessions at industry conferences, speaking on webcasts, and conducting sales training.  We also regularly moderate panels and roundtable discussions. As authorities in the technology industry, our analysts’ statements are well respected.

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Hurwitz OnCall

Hurwitz OnCall is an on-demand modular one-year service that is tailored to your organization’s needs. To get started, our senior analysts/consultants spend the time to get to know your company. After that, we can help you with a variety of needs including message testing and positioning, go-to-market strategy, customer benefit analysis, short surveys or inquires. It can serve as a great starting point for emerging companies to gain expertise from experienced consultants.

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Victory Index
Hurwitz & Associates designed the Victory Index as a market research assessment tool.  The Victory Index highlights both the diverse uses for text analytics technology such as understanding the voice of the customer, risk analysis and identifying fraud, and the vendors who make those applications possible.  The Victory index examines vendors through analysis of four key dimensions: Vision, Viability, Validity and Value.

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