Services For Software Vendors

March 8, 2006

Services For Software Vendors

Hurwitz & Associates provides a unique portfolio of services focused primarily on customer benefit. These include:

Customized Research and Analysis

Customer Benefit Green PaperTM

The Hurwitz Green Paper demonstrates quantifiable benefits from Technology. It combines the best characteristics of a case study with tabulated results of a primary research study.

Customized Insight Services

The Hurwitz & Associates Customer Insight Service provides companies with a clear understanding of their target market

Competitor Intel Service™

The Hurwitz & Associates Competitor Intel Service provides useful intelligence for internal use in sales and marketing.

Opportunity Mapping Services

Pain Mapping Services™

A strategic methodology that enables an organization to determine how its intellectual property is best suited to meet customer pain.

Go to Market Sevices

Marketing Communication Services

Hurwitz & Associates can provide both thought leadership and customer focused white papers and case studies.

Messaging Workshops

Hurwitz and Associates provides feedback on targeted positioning.

Partnership Services

Partner Optimization Workshops

A strategic methodology that will help companies determine which partnerships (both market and technology) are the best to pursue.

Retainer Services

Hurwitz MarketWatch Service

A customized, personalized strategic advisory service

To set up a briefing:

Please call Carol Caliendo at 1-781-890-7185.


Customized Research Services

Green Paper™ Customer Benefit Study

The Hurwitz & Associates Green Paper Customer Benefit Service utilizes a sophisticated methodology to demonstrate quantifiable benefits from technology. The Green Paper combines the best characteristics of a case study with the tabulated results of a primary research study. The methodology uses a six-step process to identify business benefits, technical benefits and process benefits from technology and then links these to best practices. The Green Paper provides:
• Objective research based on the benefits customers have experienced with your products
• A compelling sales tool to demonstrate both business and technical value to prospective customers
• Prospects with information as to how their peers have attained significant benefits such as ROI and payback from the implementation of technology
• Internal IT groups with information to justify purchase of software at a technical and business level

What makes the Green Paper so compelling to organizations is that it provides details of how a significant group of customers have experienced success with a vendor’s product. Additionally, whereas a traditional case studies highlight the success of one company with a particular technology, the green paper aggregates results across multiple companies which produces much more powerful results. And, respondents remain anonymous, so they are free to answer questions that they might not be willing to do for a case study. The Green Paper answers one of the important questions that potential customers always have: What have others experienced with your technology?

The Hurwitz & Associates Green Paper process begins with identifying the value points that will be quantified and ends with analyzing the results and developing the green paper. Deliverables consist of:

The external Green Paper

An internal report that highlights potential problems and makes recommendations for improvements

• The actual raw data from the study

• One webcast with customers who participated in the study

• Customer Insight Services

Before technology companies change their products and services or introduce new ones, they need a clear understanding of their target market, and who are the buyers or partners in that market. They need to address the following key questions:

• What do they really value?
• What will they buy?
• How do we get their attention?

Hurwitz & Associates can provide both web-based and customized telephone surveys to offer the following Customer Insight Services to ensure that your strategy and plans are focused on the real needs of customers and partners.

Customer or Prospect Surveys

Hurwitz & Associates will design and conduct in-depth quantitative and qualitative surveys to :

• Determine your company’s market perception
• Assess your product’s perceived value
• Create feature and product roadmap “wish lists”
• Win/Loss Analysis

Hurwitz and Associates will design and conduct detailed win/loss surveys of any scale, to determine how you and your competitors are performing in a particular market space

Competitor Intel™ Service

The Competitor Intel Service is designed to provide useful intelligence on direct competitors for internal use in sales and marketing only. The process consists of defining evaluation dimensions to evaluate competitive product and producing reviews of competitive products on a regular basis according to the agreed dimensions. We begin with the major competitive products and will normally pace the work on the basis of one new product per month. Products will be re-evaluated when they come into new releases.

Opportunity Mapping Service

The goal of the Hurwitz and Associates PainMappingT Service is to provide a company with a roadmap for future product planning based on how a company’s intellectual property is best suited to meet customer pain. The outcome is a clear picture of the company’s assets and its customer requirements. The Hurwitz & Associates PainMappingT Services consists of five stages:

Current State Review

During this first phase, Hurwitz & Associates will conduct in-depth interviews with the key constituents including the management team, sales leads, support leads, and a few selected customers. In addition, we will review current marketing collateral, customer facing messaging, technical backgrounders, product strategy, current partnership and channel strategies, current customer list and pipeline, and other go to market plans. Existing business plans and M&A criteria will also be reviewed.

Interactive Analysis of Current State

Combing the information gathered in the Current State Review phase with our understanding of the market, Hurwitz & Associates presents an independent assessment of where the company is in terms of product, services, and customers to management. This interactive half-day session lays the foundation for the PainMappingT workshop. Based on the outcome of this session, the material is refined for the PainMapping workshop.

Market Review

Hurwitz & Associates analyzes your competition, emerging market requirements, and adjacent markets. The results are presented at the pain mapping session.

PainMapping™ Session

Based on the first three phases, the management team comes together with the Hurwitz & Associates analysts and industry consultants to participate in the mapping exercise. The outcome of this one-day session is a clear picture of the company’s assets and its customer requirements.

Feedback Session with Opportunity Map

Hurwitz & Associates presents the outcome of the PainMappingT session in a follow-up half-day session that incorporates management feedback into a roadmap that identifies appropriate strategic directions, partnership and M&A approaches and criteria.

PainMapping Report

At the conclusion of the project, Hurwitz & Associates will provide a detailed report summarizing the findings of the PainMapping process. This will be presented in presentation format and will include recommended next steps.

Go To Market Services

Marketing Communication Services

Hurwitz & Associates can provide both thought leadership and customer focused white papers and case studies to help solidify and support new market concepts. We also offer Keynote speeches at industry events including customer advisory boards, industry conferences, and customer benefit panels. Hurwitz & Associates can also provide Webcasts that are designed to support either research findings such as Green Paper Results or key new initiatives.

Hurwitz & Associates analysts provide provocative, insightful commentary on all aspects of IT – from market trends, to the implications of technology innovation, to all aspects of business as it relates to technology.

Messaging Workshops

Hurwitz & Associates conducts an interactive workshop to determine the key messages including succinct articulation of the value proposition, the elevator pitch and high-level messages. The result of this workshop is a slide presentation that can be used in the go to market presentations.

Partner Optimization Workshops

Emerging technology companies must be part of a partner ecosystem to thrive. Why? Partnerships provide sales leverage, marketing leverage, inferred credibility, technology leverage and potential M&A activity. Companies need to be able to identify the right ecosystem(s), define their value to that ecosystem, establish the right relationships, and then leverage those relationships.

The Hurwitz & Associates Partner Optimization Workshop consists of a three-phase process:

Phase One – Current State assessment

• Assessment of existing relationships
• Assessment of IP
• Assessment of partner objectives

Phase Two- Workshop

• day interactive review of assessment w/management

Phase Three – Creation & delivery of Partner Optimization Roadmap

• Map your objectives to a value proposition that focuses on the identified business partner ecosystem(s) i.e. localize you message into their language & objectives
• Identify objectives and goals that are not aligned or realistic
• Develop proposed realistic relationship objectives
• Short-term – Develop prioritized actionable next steps based on value / low hanging fruit
• Identify short list of partners
• Long term plan / objectives

Hurwitz Market Watch Service

Today, software companies need specialized information and insight to accelerate their competitiveness in complex markets. The Hurwtiz Market Watch Service helps companies understand where they stand competitively in those markets. This annual service provides an early warning on emerging competitors, trends and customer issues that may still be under the radar screen.

As a customer of our Market Watch Service, our industry analysts and consultants pay particular attention to your needs within your sector, and report back about ongoing market trends. Our insight, based on the deep experience and expertise of our senior staff, will help you respond to opportunities and challenges in your industry.

This service provides proactive insight and interactive feedback into the issues most strategic to your management team. In essence, the Hurwitz Market Watch service is like having your own dedicated team focused on monitoring key issues relative to your strategic direction.

The service consists of the following::

Individualized Assessment

A baseline assessment of your current status in the market you serve, and your strategic goals for the coming year

Bi-annual evaluations on your progress in the market, both competitively and strategically

End-of-year summary assessment outlining changes from the baseline, such as changes in the competitive landscape, the market place perception, and how the company is executing on its go-to-market strategy

Monitoring and Feedback

Proactive Monitoring of your market, with periodic quick-response emails related to issues and events that impact your market

Inquiry Service

Up to two individuals can interact with the analyst team: unlimited personal inquiries focused on the baseline strategic goals of your organization.

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