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April 21, 2006

Services For Software Buyers

Hurwitz Dynamic Response Workshops

Customers need to understand how to leverage their IT investments into an engine for competitive advantage. The emerging area of Dynamic Response enables customers to turn IT into a real-time asset to dramatically increase its effectiveness to respond to opportunities and threats. Dynamic Response is the same notion that IBM terms ‘On Demand’ and HP terms ‘Adaptive Management’. Companies that adapt their technology strategy to this real-time advantage are better prepared for the unexpected, whether an opportunity or a threat. The Hurwitz Dynamic Response Workshops help IT management address this sea-change in computing infrastructure.

Imagine IT infrastructure that is agile enough to support and enhance changes in business priorities.

Imagine an environment that supports a seamless integration of new and existing business processes through a service oriented architecture and web services across application silos-all without the need to redesign computing infrastructure.

It sounds good, but there’s a lot to know. The Workshops answer the following questions for enterprises ready to consider becoming ‘dynamically responsive’:

  • What should the roadmap look like for a highly modular, flexible computing environment?
  • What is service oriented architecture and how should it be developed?
  • How should applications development be approached in a service oriented environment?
  • What are web services interfaces, and how should they be integrated into an IT plan?
  • What are the services that should be implemented to make the enterprise more adaptable to change?
  • How should the enterprise approach security, data management, systems and applications management in this new environment?
  • What are the standards and products that are robust and mature enough to implement? What is missing?
  • What are the steps, in priority order, that an enterprise should take?
  • What is the end goal for IT within a dynamically responsive environment?

The Hurwitz Dynamic Response Workshops are available in three formats:

Executive Overview.This half-day workshop is for non-IT management, to work through the strategic issues of adding modularity and flexibility to the computing infrastructure, in order to create a more agile IT environment that can change as business strategy changes.

Management Roadmap Workshop. This full day session is for the CIO and CTO level staff, to explain emerging trends and to assist them in creating their own strategic roadmap. The workshop includes a template for a Dynamic Response Enterprise Plan.

Detailed Roadmap Development. This three-day, hands-on workshop is for a cross-functional IT team, to assist in the creation of a roadmap toward a service oriented architecture approach.

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