February 13, 2007


Hurwitz & Associates services enable you to make better business decisions. We’ll help you understand your market, your business needs, your customers and prospects, and your competition, as well as the implications of on-going innovation. And we’ll help you apply that knowledge for a competitive advantage.

Our clients are members of technology organizations. They include emerging companies that are going to market for the first time. They also include Fortune 100 companies that are testing assumptions, introducing new products, and entering different markets. Even companies that want to incorporate new technologies into their IT environments benefit from Hurwitz services.

I’d like a para that tells what is common to all your services. Is this enough: All These companies turn to us for provocative, insightful commentary … for actionable information. We leverage our deep knowledge of technology with powerful Primary Research. Throughout every project, we collaborate with our clients to ensure on-target deliverables. The results are measurable.

Can we prove that?





 What can we do for you?

Find out more about our services:

·          Primary Research>> Primary Research page
At the heart of all Hurwitz offerings lies primary research, analysis, and resulting conclusions


·          SOA Training & Consulting>> SOA Training & Consulting
We can help you determine if and how this powerful technology can make your IT infrastructure more productive and responsive.


·          Product Positioning and Messaging>> Product Positioning and Messaging page
Companies rely on us to test existing assumptions — and discover new opportunities — for markets, positioning, and messaging.


·          Customer Pain Mapping>> Pain Mapping page
You can position and market your new products more effectively when you understand your customers’ needs.


·          Partnership Optimization Program>> Partnership Optimization Program page
A partnership with a technology provider or vendor can greatly increase your new product’s presence in the marketplace.


·          Hurwitz & Associates Live>> Hurwitz & Associates Live page

      Our analysts’ speaking engagements and participation in web/podcasts can lend credibility to your product introduction.

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