Recent research: Winning Mobile and Web Customers with Fast Data

Winning Mobile and Web Customers with Fast Data
Author: Marcia Kaufman, COO; Principal Analyst; Daniel Kirsch, Research Analyst


Business leaders are finding that they need to dramatically transform the way their organizations engage with customers to remain competitive. Fast Data – the data architecture that supports real-time decision-making – is at the heart of this transformation. Customer’s expectations have evolved. Now, customers expect to have the information needed to make a purchasing decision at the time and place that is right for them. In addition, customers expect customized and instantaneous responses from their suppliers. Businesses increasingly understand that customers expect to be able to interact though web and mobile devices.

Therefore, smart businesses are creating innovative mobile and web applications that delight their customers and build loyalty. But this transformation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Leaders have to rethink their approach to data management. The tables have been turned. Now, the customer controls much of the engagement process. For example, customers increasingly want to choose which device and platform they will use to communicate with their service providers. In addition, customers expect the engagement experience to be seamless and personalized based on their requirements and their relationship to their providers.

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