Recent research: Victory Index Report for Predictive Analytics

Victory Index Report for Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics has become a key component of a competitive company’s analytics arsenal. It is one of the most important trends in analytics because in difficult economic environment companies need to have a better ability to anticipate where markets are headed and where customer demand will be. Predictive analytics provides the capability to use more sophisticated techniques to understand trends and anticipate future outcomes. Among its use cases, companies across many industries are using predictive analytics to understand customer behavior and requirements, predict equipment failures, and understand propensity to spend.

In the inaugural Victory Index Report, Hurwitz & Associates examines critical trends and assesses twelve key players in the predictive analytics market. Designed as a market research assessment tool, the Victory Index analyzes vendors across four key dimensions: Vision, Viability, Validity and Value. A rigorous methodology that employs approximately 50 attributes across these four dimensions is applied in order to provide a comprehensive understanding of the market and the vendors. The report provides two rating assessments- one from the perspective of the vendors’ market strength and the other from the customer perspective. IBM SPSS, SAS, StatSoft, and Pegasystems were named Double Victors. Pitney Bowes and Angoss, were Victors in a specific category, due to strengths in key market areas. Other vendors assessed in this Report include Megaputer Intelligence, Rapid-I, Revolution Analytics, SAP, and TIBCO.