Recent research: The Movement towards Information Integration

The Movement towards Information Integration

Author: Judith Hurwitz, President & CEO; Dr. Fern Halper, Partner; Marcia Kaufman, COO and Principal Analyst

Innovative IT managers have begun to move their organizations away from traditional data integration to a new way of leveraging valuable corporate information assets in an effort to build flexible, responsive software.
There is an increasing sense of urgency among CIOs to get control over their vast array of information across the enterprise. CIOs are, for the first time, ready and able to transform their information infrastructure because of innovations in information integration and data management. While the state of data has long been a topic of discussion within corporations, there is something new happening. An historical example helps clarify this point. More than twenty years ago a forward thinking financial services organization recognized that their customer data was a potential financial gold mine. If the corporation could find a way to consistently look at and leverage customer information across all of its product offerings, it could more easily up-sell and cross-sell everything from annuities to term life insurance. What this CIO really wanted to do was to be able to bring together all the silos of data across the company in a consistent and reliable way. However, because of the state of technology at that time, the cost and time required to achieve this goal was out of reach. The company had to abandon the strategic initiative.

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