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Benefits of Migration to Modern Middleware Services

Author: Marcia Kaufman, COO and Principal Analyst; Daniel Kirsch, Senior Analyst Daniel Kirsch, Senior Analyst

  • Business applications are no longer isolated to the back office. Today, these applications are at the forefront of the way businesses interact with customers, suppliers, and partners. As customer expectations change, these applications must change at a rapid pace. This puts enormous pressure on the software development team to keep up with demand.

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Creating Dynamic Business Networks: Removing IT Silos to Create Smarter Computing

Author: Judith Hurwitz, CEO

  • The world of Information Technology is changing from a set of disconnected silos to a dynamic foundation that supports a more agile and flexible business environment. To support the need for business change demands that IT assets become a pool of resources and integrated information sources.

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An Evolution in Scalability and Support

Author: Judith Hurwitz, CEO

  • It is a complicated time for companies trying to keep up with important innovations in their technology infrastructure without having to replace theirexisting investments in everything from legacy applications to complex databases. The reality in today’s market is that companies must continue to upgrade their technology or risk falling behind their  competition.

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Understanding the Business Benefits of an Open Source SOA Platform

Author: Judith Hurwitz, CEO

  • SOA simplifies and speeds the automation of business processes by delivering the desired functionality as services. In a highly competitive business environment, the ability to adapt the information technology infrastructure quickly is  imperative.

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GMA SOA “Using Process and Service Models to Help Transform Business Processes in Financial Services

Author: Marcia Kaufman, COO and Principal Analyst; Dr. Fern Halper, Partner; Judith Hurwitz, CEO

  • The most successful companies in this very process-intensive sector have recognized that consistent, efficient, and repeatable business processes are a required foundation for meeting their goals for growth and innovation.
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