Recent research: Enterprise Collaboration: Avoiding the Productivity and Control Trade-Off

Enterprise Collaboration: Avoiding the Productivity and Control Trade-Off

Author: Marcia Kaufman, COO and Principal Analyst; Daniel Kirsch, Senior Analyst
Enterprise Collaboration: Avoiding the Productivity and Control Trade-Off
Companies that collaborate effectively and securely can bring innovative products to market more quickly, improve operating efficiency, increase customer loyalty, and drive increases in sales. However, many organizations struggle to create collaboration environments that enable them to reach their goals. Why are companies finding it hard to create environments that make it easy for business stakeholders to safely share information and ideas to achieve a common goal?

There are many technology and economic trends – including mobility, globalization, big data, and cloud – that are accelerating the demand for business collaboration. For example, increasing numbers of mobile workers and globally distributed work teams are driving demand for new collaboration tools that make it easy to share large files beyond the firewall. The information shared by these enterprise teams is often highly sensitive and subject to industry or government regulation. In addition, data shared by these collaborative teams increasingly comes from varied sources, making it harder to manage. As a result, high priority data is leaving the corporate domain without proper oversight and control, exposing organizations to an increased risk of data loss or regulatory non-compliance.

To better understand collaboration challenges and how business users are sharing information, Intralinks commissioned two independent studies. More than 800 IT and business executives from around the world were surveyed for these studies. In this paper, we’ll summarize key findings from this research focusing on the challenges companies face in creating secure collaboration environments. In addition, we will discuss the business and technical priorities for companies implementing collaboration platforms, from both a productivity and security perspective.

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