Recent research: Cloud Collaboration Study: The Benefits of a Secure and Easy to Use Collaboration Platform

Cloud Collaboration Study: The Benefits of a Secure and Easy to Use Collaboration Platform
Author: Marcia Kaufman, COO and Principal Analyst; Daniel Kirsch, Senior Analyst

Collaboration between employees, customers, and partners has become a foundational requirement for every organization no matter the size or industry. Effective collaboration strategies provide document access across any endpoint, deepen connections with customers and partners and increase productivity. However, this must all be done in a manner that does not expose an organization to security risks. Traditionally, organizations have simply locked down corporate data, only allowing access to those who are behind the corporate firewall. This highly restrictive approach is no longer practical in today’s business environment where employees need access from a variety of devices, and data must be shared with third parties outside of the organization. In an effort to more efficiently and quickly share information, many employees have taken matters into their own hands by using consumer-focused cloud based tools to share data, rather than relying on the IT department to provide solutions. Although these employees are simply trying to improve productivity, the use of consumer-focused file-sharing without IT oversight can lead to loss of data and intellectual property and increase the risk of non-compliance.

Businesses are demanding collaboration platforms that are easy to use and can be incorporated into existing workflows with the right level of security and auditability. In this paper, we analyze the findings from a survey of organizations that are using Huddle’s cloud collaboration technology to provide a secure, centralized repository for document sharing. The objectives of this study are to identify business priorities for a cloud collaboration platform and to analyze the benefits organizations achieve after adopting the Huddle platform.


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