Marketing & Sales Accelerators

October 21, 2009

Marketing & Sales Accelerators

The Hurwitz & Associates senior leadership team provides thoughtful analysis of emerging trends and how they impact customers.  The Hurwitz team provides insights and innovative thinking that helps our clients to understand the implication of emerging and innovative approaches often ahead of the market.

Our team takes a holistic view of an emerging technology and puts in into perspective both in terms of its likelihood of success and its value to customers. We look at how IT vendor’s offerings of software, hardware, storage, and services enable business innovation and growth in business productivity and profitability. Our focus is on best practices and how organizations use technology to improve their relationships with customers, partners, and suppliers.

An extensive selection of our thought leadership articles, papers, and reports published as a result of our independent primary research and client engagements are available for download from this website.

White Papers

Hurwitz & Associates thought leadership white papers are designed to help solidify and support new market concepts. Customer Benefit White Papers combine the thought leadership approach with supporting case studies highlighting the business value customers have derived from a particular solution.

Case Studies

Deep, insightful customer case studies can be critical in closing a major deal, particularly in large and mid-market accounts. Case studies examine in all facets of the business problem, solution considerations, evaluation process, implementation, ongoing management and outcomes for an individual reference customer.

Custom Publishing

Hurwitz & Associates can write a “For Dummies” branded mini-book on various topics.  The book will be custom published by Wiley Publishing. The Hurwitz team works with your staff to publish the most informative book on a particular subject. (examples: SOA For Dummies and IOD For Dummies. and Collaboration For Dummies)

Primary Research

How do you assess customer needs now and in the future? How do you ensure that your strategy is working and that customers are satisfied with your direction? How do you assess how well you are positioned in the market? At Hurwitz & Associates we provide strategic primary research services that put this information into context with overall technology and customer trends.  You need substantiated, objective data to drive your product development and sales efforts. Moreover, to apply that information, you need in-depth review of the findings and experience-based recommendations based on those findings.

Many companies rely on industry-wide studies to make these decisions. When you work with Hurwitz, you base your decisions on qualitative and quantifiable primary research about your own business environment, your own market, your own competition, and your own customers’ needs.

Primary research isn’t just a project at Hurwitz & Associates, it is the foundation of all of our services.  In every engagement, we research technology and marketing to collect concrete data. Then we analyze the findings, leveraging our years of experience in the technology arena. We communicate the results to our clients and then put that Primary Research to work.

Our Process

At Hurwitz & Associates, we carry out the extensive research required to provide objective and pragmatic guidance to buyers and sellers of technology. Our top-tier industry analysts use a cross-disciplinary, research-based, best-practices approach. They combine hands-on business experience with an in-depth understanding of the industry.

In the first phase of every Primary Research project, we define the qualitative and quantitative dimensions of the investigation. We clearly identify what we need to measure in order to gain information that pertains to the business goal.  Then we select the unique combination of Primary Research techniques that will maximize the benefit of the engagement. Our research methodology is as follows:

    • Perform in-depth products evaluations.
    • Design and carry out web-based, phone, and in-person surveys.
    • Conduct detailed win/loss surveys that determine how you and your competitors areperforming in a particular market space.
    • Combine the findings with our own knowledgebase and insights to analyze the results.
    • Put our findings in context with emerging market trends and your customers emerging requirements.


Our Deliverables

The Primary Research process yields a variety of deliverables, including, but not limited to:

    • A comprehensive summary and analysis of findings
    • Pragmatic actionable recommendations for next steps
    • Thought Leadership White Papers that put research results in context with our clients’ unique offerings.
    • Hurwitz Customer Benefit Reports that reveal the quantifiable business and technical benefits of a product or service
    • Speeches, webcasts, and podcasts that clarify the business value of a product and bring insight into results of research
    • Customer and channel surveys
    • TCO and Competitive Analysis
    • Multi-client studies are focused on end-users with enough experience to help vendors anticipate market potential, investment, technology value, challenges and avenues for growth.
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