Product Positioning & Messaging

February 13, 2007

Product Positioning & Messaging

You might have an innovative, well-designed, and useful product, but that does not guarantee sales. Working with Hurwitz & Associates, you can determine the most appropriate markets, position your offerings more effectively, and develop messaging that encourages sales to those markets.

Hurwitz Product Positioning and Messaging helps you uncover your product’s perceived value and uses that data to establish where to go with positioning and marketing. For example, we can create roadmaps for satisfying the market’s product and feature wish lists. We can also develop strategies for increasing your competitive advantage.

Our services capitalize on our expertise designing and conducting in-depth quantitative and qualitative surveys. They also take advantage of our knowledgebase and experience analyzing data and presenting actionable recommendations. All recommendations are firmly grounded on this research and on our win/loss analysis of your competition’s products and marketing tactics.

Hurwitz Product Positioning and Messaging services provide perspective, guidance, assessment, and positioning n a number of formats:

Hurwitz Positioning Workshops and Consulting give our clients a clear picture of how their products fit in the marketplace and how adjustments to product planning can improve positioning. In general, the workshops take a three-stage approach.

We begin with a thorough review of your products, markets, competitors, and emerging trends in both technology and target markets. Then, our analysts lead an interactive consulting session in which we guide an examination of the capabilities of your products. Finally, we present the synthesis of the session and our findings at a second interactive session. At this point, our analysts elaborate on recommendations and help you develop both strategies and concrete steps that will maximize your products’ position.

Hurwitz Message Testing results in a client-specific presentation of strawman messaging statements that informs further investigation and decision making. The presentation combines findings from research on customer understandings of existing messaging, a review of competitive messaging, and actual product capabilities. The testing process goes beyond assessment of how well current messaging works; it enables companies to refine or actually overhaul messaging to better respond to customer needs. Hurwitz & Associates can also test new messaging before the company rolls it out to the marketplace.

Hurwitz Messaging Workshops identify and articulate more effective messaging for a product. The results include:

Succinct articulation of the value proposition

The high-level message

The elevator pitch

A slide presentation ready for customer presentations

Feedback on targeted positioning

Messaging workshops


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