PC Conundrum Software Streaming Offers the Solution

May 1, 2005

PC Conundrum Software Streaming Offers the Solution

Robin Bloor, Parnter
Judith Hurwitz President & CEO

“In our view, the advent of streaming technology for the PC heralds a fundamental change in the way that both PC and mobile technology will be used in the future.”
PCs are versatile business machines that run a multitude of useful business applications. Removing the capability that they provide is unthinkable, and limiting it in any way is likely to be counterproductive.  However, PCs are expensive to manage. The management costs of the corporate PC have not fallen significantly in the past ten years.  They still amount to a large annual multiple of the costs of the PC and its software.  This gives rise to the PC conundrum:How do you significantly reduce the management costs ofPCs without limiting the capability of the PC users?

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