Partnership Optimization Program

February 13, 2007

Partnership Optimization Program

In many cases, it’s true: two heads are better than one. Partnerships with other vendors can maximize your supply chain, broaden your market, and accelerate sales. The right partners provide inferred credibility and the opportunity to leverage technology, marketing, and sales, as well as potential M&A activity.

To thrive, companies that deal with emerging technology need to be part of a partner ecosystem. Successful partnerships require organizations to pinpoint the right business ecosystems, define their value to that ecosystem, then establish and profit from relationships within that ecosystem that deliver the most value.

Our Partnership Optimization Program does more than improve existing current partnerships; it determines which partnerships are the best to pursue. The program uncovers technology companies that deliver the most value for your unique needs. It also identifies business alliances that will bring in a new customer base, even doubling your sales force at no cost.

Our Process

Hurwitz & Associates helps maximize the value and impact of your partnerships based on a thorough assessment, following the standards of Hurwitz Primary Research We examine your existing partnerships, even interviewing your partners’ executives. We also evaluate your intellectual property and products in the context of alliances with different companies.

Finally, we talk with your management to build a picture of their objectives and ascertain if their goals are synergistic with their future plans.

Once we have analyzed all this raw data, we hold half-day collaborative workshops, giving you a chance to review and assimilate our findings. We present potential pitfalls of your strategies, helping you understand the costs and advantages of current relationships. We then help you explore ways to improve existing partnerships and opportunities for increasing business value through alliances with other organizations.

Our Deliverables

We document the results of your customized Partnership Optimization Program in a detailed report that maps your business objectives to existing and potential partner’s value propositions. The report discusses:

Misaligned objectives and unrealistic expectations.

Realistic objectives for the relationship

Messaging that matches the partner’s language and goals

Prioritized pragmatic steps targeted at achieving key partnership goals.

A short list of potential partners

A Long-term plan for achieving and maintaining successful partnerships.

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