Opportunity Mapping Service

November 25, 2009

Opportunity Mapping Service

What is Opportunity Mapping?

Think of Opportunity Mapping as a way to figure out the DNA of your company so that you are better positioned to win in the market and satisfy the needs of your customers and prospects.  This service helps you to develop effective go to market strategies that link the emerging customer needs to the great potential buried in your products and services. Through a series of modules, Hurwitz & Associates consultants can help you capitalize on your opportunities to make your customers successful including:

  • Assessing the current state to prepare for the future
  • Conducting primary research to assess your opportunities
  • Assessing the competitive landscape
  • Positioning products based on emerging needs
  • Repackaging of existing components
  • Creating effective partnering programs
  • Amplifying your new strategies with go to market services such as webinars, video podcasts, audio podcasts, speeches, white papers, and surveys

What Problem does the Opportunity Mapping Service Solve?

Most product companies do not correlate market changes or customer pain with their opportunities to package and sell their products for success. Too often company executives make assumptions about the value they are offering to customers without taking a step back to reevaluate their assumptions. Are you really as good as you could be? What happens when companies are too inwardly focused? Here are a few examples:

  • Too many technology companies focus exclusively on features and functions of their offerings. This leads them to lose sight of important emerging markets and opportunities to package and sell their intellectual property to untapped markets.
  • Companies hang on to old products that no longer help customers solve problems. At the same time these companies overlook valuable assets buried in these products.
  • Companies with valuable IP that could solve even bigger customer problems do not understand how to up-sell new capabilities to those same customers.

What’s the solution?

Hurwitz & Associates Opportunity Mapping Service utilizes a sophisticated methodology that maps your core competencies to changing customer pain in the market. This approach provides your team with a common vocabulary and method for creating successful go to market solutions that build on and profit from the hidden value inside technology innovators.

Opportunity Mapping Service
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