More Identity Management Options for the Mid-market

March 28, 2006

More Identity Management Options for the Mid-market

More Identity Management Options for the Mid-market
by Fran Howarth

Last month, I wrote about new offerings being developed by BMC and Microsoft partners to provide affordable identity management technologies and services for smaller companies. Smaller companies need identity management solutions for the same reasons big companies do, but until recently nothing affordable has been available.

However, these smaller companies are suppliers to the larger enterprises. As the larger enterprises sort out their user identity issues, they increasingly want to connect directly with their partners to do business with them electronically, federating their user identity information for greater security and efficiency. But this requires that smaller business partners are able to sort out their user identity problems so that processes run smoothly.

For those companies that have sorted out their internal identity problems, the chance to federate with business partners provides the ability not just to cut costs, but also to actually increase revenues by gaining access to a wider range of partners and opportunities. This is achieved by two or more companies agreeing to trust the validity of identity credentials supplied by one of the firms. Technologically, this is not hard to do, although business issues such as related liability should something go wrong are a little more complicated.

For those wishing to embark on such projects, the benefits play pokies online are real. And organisations worldwide are starting to experiment with federated identity management on a large scale. Currently, most of these pokies implementations are fairly limited in scope and are based on mutual casino internetowe gain. No company has yet mandated that its ???????????? suppliers and business partners do business with them in a federated identity model?as Wal-Mart did with the use of RFID for its suppliers?but that time may not be far away.

Here are two more options for small companies to consider:

A10 Networks: identity management for the ?common man?

The ID Sentrie 1000 platform from A10 Networks is a hardened 1U appliance that offers companies a range of functionality including access control, central play casino identity management, user self-service, password policy and synchronisation, centralised identity event management and reporting capabilities?all of which can be turned on or off as required. As such, it provides many of the basic capabilities that companies need to solve particular problems, such as helping to reduce roulette online spielen support requirements for users in the areas of password management and self-service capabilities.

A10 Networks believes companies want to solve these problems before moving on to more advanced capabilities, such as enabling SSO (single sign-on). Targeted primarily at businesses with 50 to 3,000 employees, each appliance is priced at less than $15,000?although most customers purchase two appliances for redundant failover capabilities. The appliance has been proven to handle 20,000 user accounts, and additional appliances can be added to scale.

Imprivata for Single Sign On (SSO)

Imprivata provides its OneSign appliance, designed to help companies manage access control, passwords, identity management and audit. However, its primary focus is on allowing SSO for all users across a range of devices, including remote and mobile workers. Recently Imprivata has been on extending capabilities to cover physical assets within organisations?important since its customers consider the ability to control logical access to resources as critical to their businesses.

Imprivata?s appliance is relatively inexpensive at around $15,000 per appliance and most customers deploy the appliances in redundant pairs. With its technology on its second-generation release, Imprivata?s offering is relatively mature?as witnessed by a fair number of reference customers in industries such as financial services and healthcare. Imprivata has been proven to scale to up to 30,000 users.

Smaller companies investigating identity management should take a look at both A10 Networks and Imprivata.


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