Jean S. Bozman – Vice President and Principal Analyst

Bozman Headshot

Jean S. Bozman is a seasoned industry analyst with more than 20 years of experience as a consultant and industry analyst focused on the worldwide IT markets for databases, servers, storage and software. She analyzes the technologies and market opportunities for cloud and enterprise data center infrastructure.

By taking a holistic perspective on hardware and software, she analyzes workloads handled by hybrid clouds – linking private clouds with public clouds. She focuses on server technology, storage technology, database software and the emerging market for Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI).

Following 10 years as Research Vice President for the Worldwide Server Group at International Data Corp. (IDC), she moved to SanDisk, where she focused on enterprise marketing, and to Neuralytix, where she was Director of Infrastructure Research.

During her tenure at IDC, Ms. Bozman analyzed and consulted with all major IT providers worldwide, inclusive of providers in the Americas, Asia/Pacific (A/P), Japan, and Europe. At IDC, she led worldwide research projects, such as “High Availability in a Scale-Out World,” a 2009 study that predicted new approaches to high availability would be needed to support mission-critical workloads in a virtualized, scale-out infrastructure.

Jean Bozman is a prolific writer and speaker, presenting keynote talks at a variety of conferences around the world. She was the Program Chair for the Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDI) Summit 2015 in Santa Clara, CA and presented on storage technology at the Storage Visions conference in Las Vegas in January.

She travels widely as an analyst, including a 2013 visit to Japan to present at the IDC 2013 Directions conference in Tokyo and has presented in Europe and Mexico. Ms. Bozman is frequently quoted in business and technical online media. She is a graduate of the State University of New York (SUNY) at Stony Brook, and holds a master’s degree from Stanford University.