IBM Gets Feisty — Mobilizes Analytics for Oracle Battle

April 15, 2010

IBM Gets Feisty — Mobilizes Analytics for Oracle Battle

By Merv Adrian, IT Market Strategy

In July 2009, IBM announced the Smart Analytics System 7600, a workload-optimized, pre-integrated bundle of hardware and software targeted at the business analytics market. Included in that package are an IBM POWER 550 running AIX, storage, plus InfoSphere Warehouse Enterprise Edition (which consists of DB2, Warehouse design and management tools + Cubing, Data Mining and Text Analytics services), and Cognos 8 Business Intelligence, configured and tuned, and “health check” features. Accommodations are made if the customer already has licensed some of the software and wants to use it on the platform; in this sense, the software is described as “optional.” This month, IBM broadened the story and upped the ante, making Smart Analytics System a key weapon in its widening battle with Oracle.


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  1. IBM has no answers, why do professional writers respond to technology questions anyway.

    Watched that Oracle webcast “again”, extreme parallelism and compression means faster transactions (10 to 50x faster) than the largest business computer (IBM P 795), at a lower cost than the cheapest computer (X86). This was stated as their two primary goals. With data compressed at a factor of 10, 10 x faster means effectively 100 times faster (10x faster “times” 10x compression), moving the data faster but the data is ten times less. There stating10x faster for OLTP, 50X faster for queries for DW/BW/BI (more data). Database server and storage server executing in parallel both running part of the database.

    1000 Exadata servers installed, inspect to triple this year to (4000). Case studies such as Teradata 36 racks where replaced by 3 realizing reduction in floor space, 250TB data base is one tenth of its original size, 1/10 of power consumption. Backup time reduced by a factor of 60x. They point out memory is a single point of failure on P Series, shared system boards, shared CPU and Memory, single point of failure, Exadata has no single point of failure.

    IOPS one Exadata server does more IOPS than 18 million dollar max configuration from IBM. (Exadata 8.8 million for 12 million IOPS verses 1.2 million IOPS at 18 million dollars max configuration on IBM 795).

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