Hyperic: Bringing Open Source to Application and Systems Management

May 30, 2006

Hyperic: Bringing Open Source to Application and Systems Management

Hyperic: Bringing Open Source to Application and Systems Management
By Judith Hurwitz, CEO

It is not surprising that more and more enterprise software categories are gaining open source players.  Everything from operating systems to databases, and application servers have become common players in the open source market.  What we haven?t seen is open source system and applications management software. But momentum seems to be building. In fact, a new organization called the Open Management Consortium has started to build an open source model for management software.  While there have been some players attacking this market, I recently met with an emerging company called Hyperic. 

Hyperic, the company, has been in stealth mode since 2004, but its technology foundation has not.  Hyperic bought the management platform from Colvalent, a provider of products and services for the Apache Tomcat Application Server, Apache HTTP, Apache Axis Web Services Framework and the Apache Geronimo Application Server.  Before Colvalent changed its strategy to focus on support for open source management, they had invested approximately $12 million on the technology that has become Hyperic.   Therefore, this startup has a head start.

So, what is Hyperic?  In brief, it is a systems and application management platform that is intended to serve as a management framework.  Competing in the enterprise systems and applications space can be rough going.  Therefore, the company is taking a path that is becoming pokies games more common ? following the open source model.  As of the beginning make money online casino of June, the company casino en ligne sans telechargement intends to open source its platform.  It intends to mimic the business model established by MySQL. Therefore there will be a free download as well as an enterprise-supported model. 

Hyperic is not thinking small.  Having raised a modest round of venture capital, the company has set its sights on the enterprise.  The services supported in HypericHQ  include:

  • Inventory discovery that automatically detects hardware and software including memory, CPU, Disk and network devices as well as version and configuration information for applications
  • A monitoring system that collects real-time and historical metrics from hardware, network, and applications. This information is presented ?????? ???????? in a dashboard.
  • Event control that restricts access to operations based access control    requirements Alerting capability designed to identify, prevent, and correct problems based on policy based alerting. It can define alerts for log, configuration, or security events
  • An event tracking system that can report bonus casino gratuit both real-time and historical details of logs generated by any managed resource. It can correlate log events, configuration changes, or security events.

Hyperic seems to be off to a good start. It already has a business relationship with JBoss, which has used the technology to support hundreds of its customers.  Evident software has OEMed Hyperic?s technology as part of its IT operations platform. Hyperic has already landed its first 25 customers including National Semiconductor, Olgilvy, La Quinta Inns, Ask.com, and AOL.  One of Hyperic?s goals is to establish its own ecosystem so that other management companies and customer develop plug-ins for its platform. 
The company?s pricing model is evolving with its new open source model.  In addition to free downloads, it provides a subscription model based on per socket pricing ($780 per socket pair per year).  The company also intends to provide a higher level of service (7×24 hours) for $1,000 per socket pair per year. The company is hoping that with its open source model, its fast deployment time and its early success with customers it will be able to make its market in what is a highly competitive but lucrative market.

Hurwitz & Associates believes that open source will become increasingly important in the management space.  However, it will not be a standalone effort. We expect that platforms in the open source arena will become an adjunct to enterprise level commercial management platforms.  Clearly, there are many aspects of management that will provide new avenues for innovation ? especially in the service oriented architecture arena. We expect platforms like Hyperic and others to invigorate the market.


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