Hurwitz OnCall

November 25, 2009

Hurwitz OnCall

Hurwitz & Associates has created a flexible, modular service designed to support the needs of technology companies in transition. You may be rethinking your overall strategy or positioning in the market. You may be moving into a new market and you are wondering what the competitive landscape will be like. You might simply need to test your messages before going out to the broader market. Before you talk to the press, analysts, partners, or customers you need a trusted advisor with deep expertise to help you on your journey. That is what Hurwitz OnCall is all about.

What makes this service different? We give you direct access to senior consultants in a flexible advisory service. You get 10 hours over a year that you can use the way you want to use them. You can use some hours for interactive consulting and the rest for a webinar or some primary research. We let you decide based on what is most important to you.

As a member of the OnCall Service our analysts will become familiar with your strategy and therefore can serve as a press reference. Armed with this understanding, we can proactively alert you to opportunities and threats. Since our research is published based on the open source model, you will have access to our analysis through our popular blogs. As a member of the Hurwitz OnCall service, you are eligible for our OnCall pricing to related services including:

  • Podcasts. A podcast is a pragmatic way to get your message across effectively. A 10-minute podcast can provide fresh content for your website and can focus on an important trend or customer pain. You can purchase an individual podcast or a package of three.
  • Product ValuePoint Report. Companies often need to explain the importance of an emerging trend to customers to help them understand the value.
  • Customer ValuePoint Report. Customer case studies are an excellent way to prove value to prospects. This report of up to 2,500 words can be written with or without the customer name.
  • Trend ValuePoint Report (up to 1000 words) focuses on an important market trend – these will be turned into blog posts that you can publish on your website.

Additional consulting hours. OnCall customers can purchase additional consulting hours or days at a discounted rate. Rates depend on the project.

All reports include the ability to print or distribute over the web.

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