Hurwitz & Assoc Live

February 13, 2007

Hurwitz & Assoc Live

Third-party corroboration is an important aspect of marketing any product, technology, or intellectual property. Assertions are more credible when they are backed by objective, third-party evidence.

Hurwitz & Associates has the reputation and recognition required to validate your messaging. As authorities in the technology industry, our analysts’ statements carry weight. That’s because every presentation we make is the result of extensive Primary Research and a knowledgebase of experience. Whether we speak in person or participate in a webcast or podcast, we make clear, well-crafted presentations.

In Person Appearances

Hurwitz & Associates analysts are available for speaking engagements at various events, such as customer advisory board meetings s, industry conferences, and customer benefit panels. We also moderate panels and roundtable discussions. Learn about upcoming Hurwitz speaking engagements.

Webcast and Podcast Participation 

Webcasts are ideal for companies that want to reflect their innovative approach to marketing. Hurwitz & Associates analysts are available to participate in webcasts. We have added value to webcasts intended for a variety of audiences, including customers, analysts, partners, and employees. In this format, we present research findings, offer a full analysis of their implications, and speak to industry trends, emerging technologies, and new initiatives.

Often we address a particular audience, such as customers and prospects, partners, other analysts, or the company’s employees themselves. For example, webcasts are an excellent way to disseminate the business intelligence captured in a Hurwitz GreenPaper, which arms sales forces with knowledge of why customers buy and how they have gained value from a product or service.

The Hurwitz Webcast Package
For emerging companies that want to maximize their marketing dollars, the Hurwitz Webcast Package includes online research, data analysis, a short paper, and participation in a directed webcast.

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