How Powerful is the Software Developer in Your Organization?

August 29, 2013

How Powerful is the Software Developer in Your Organization?

I originally published this book in BusinessWeek’s Management Section of its online site.

Whenever there are major technology transitions, corporations go through a period in which software developers gain tremendous power. On one hand, it makes sense that those who understand new and complicated technologies need to be out in front. On the other, developers have an agenda that might not align with business objectives. This is where we are today, and it is an uncomfortable time for both IT management and business leaders.

The technologies rippling throughout industries—mobile and cloud computing and big data analytics–are causing dramatic and painful organizational changes. Meanwhile, many IT organizations have to cope with existing applications that are inflexible but necessary to operate the business. These applications can’t easily operate in a new world of mobile, cloud, and social business applications. Compounding these problems is the pace of technology change, which is out of step with the skills of the typical IT organization.

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