How has Opportunity Mapping Helped Companies be successful?

December 1, 2009

How has Opportunity Mapping Helped Companies be successful?

Hurwitz & Associates have worked with a variety of companies within the technology market to help them unleash the power of their knowledge, technology, and customer success. Here are a few examples:

A company with good IP but an aging platform

A software company had been in business for more than 30 years. Its products were designed for an aging platform. Customers were still using the old product but it was very difficult to get new customers to sign up. Hurwitz & Associates was asked to figure out what the company should do to revitalize its opportunity in the market.

The results of the process demonstrated that customers were frustrated by the inflexibility of the platform. They liked working with the company’s consultants because of their knowledge. They stayed with the product because of the best practices embedded within the system. It was hard to land new customers because they were frightened by the complexity of the environment.

Through a series of workshops, the company was able to find a way to repurpose the best practices from the aging product. The company made a commitment to develop a new graphical, modular environment that would better support the significant IP. At the same time, the company focused its marketing and positioning on the problems that these best practices solved for customers. Through repositioning and finding new partnership opportunities the company was able to revitalize their brand as they create a new product to appeal to existing and new customers.

A company with technology that wasn’t packaged for customer pain

Sometimes companies have the right technology to solve customer problems but don’t know it. A software company had some great technology but was offering it to solve the wrong problem. The company assumed that customers wanted a slick tool for programming code on lots of operating systems. After going through a pain mapping exercise, it became clear that customers wanted something completely different. They still wanted the underlying tool but they needed it to be packaged in a way that would reduce development time and training costs. The company developed a new packaging for the product that really solved customer problems.

A company with great technology couldn’t go to market alone

An emerging software company had a product that effectively let end users and partners customize the interface of an application without impacting the underlying code. The company had a problem since it was too small to get the attention of large customers who were nervous about their size. The company needed partners. Through the opportunity mapping partner workshop it was determined that a large company with a complementary strategy was the right match. Introductions were made and the company was able to establish a good partnership.

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