March 13, 2007


Hurwitz & Associates empowers its clients to:


Map technology to customer needs

Improve product planning by anticipating shifts in the industry — and how those shifts affect what customers are buying

Take advantage of gaps in the market

Increase the effectiveness of product positioning and messaging

Bring the right new products to market … in the best way

Forge business plans based on an understanding of emerging technologies/companies and the implications of these new forces

Invest in areas that will improve customer satisfaction

Refocus resources and strategy to alleviate customer problems

Boost lead generation through an understanding of business value

Elevate messaging to address weaknesses exposed by surveys

Gain traction in an emerging technology marketplace

Define, present, and differentiate new product offering

Make appropriate investment decisions in marketing and sales as well as IT infrastructure and expertise

Make technology buying decisions that maximize communication with customers, suppliers, and partners



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