Establishing a Data-Centric Approach to Encryption

September 25, 2010

Establishing a Data-Centric Approach to Encryption


Marcia Kaufma, COO and Principal Analyst

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Many data breaches occur at companies that already have a data security policy in place. While some of the millions of stolen credit card numbers have been easily lifted from unsuspecting companies with unprotected data, an increasing number of companies implement data security technology and find they are still at risk. These companies understand how important it is to keep their data assets safe from unlawful and malicious intrusion. As a result, they have a strategy for protecting their physical and digital perimeters. However, their data protection strategy is flawed. What is the problem and why do you need to make it a top priority to evaluate your current data security strategy? Typically, intrusion detection and other technologies designed to keep intruders out of your system are built to protect against previously known hacking strategies. This approach exposes your IT systems to great risk as new methods of intrusion are constantly being devised.

This paper will provides an overview of the evolving approaches hackers use to steal private data and describe the key requirements for protecting corporate data assets with a data-centric encryption strategy.

2011.09.25_Voltage_Data Centric Ecryption WP_Final.pdf

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