Dynamic Response Environment

April 21, 2006

Dynamic Response Environment


Dynamic Response Environments are the infrastructure technologies that enable organizations to support business innovation and foster improved communication and relationships between customers, suppliers, and partners. Cumbersome IT systems that have been built in pieces and patches over time do not support today’s business demands. Yet by linking existing components with powerful new technologies, these same systems can evolve into a responsive software environment that supports specific business initiatives.

On a technical level, Dynamic Response Environments are a combination of a flexible, standards-based infrastructure and software-based services. These can plug into the infrastructure as needed to create a dynamic, real-time computing environment. The elements of Dynamic Response Environments include:

  • Composite application design and implementation
  • Security
  • Systems and applications monitoring and management
  • Web Services interfaces
  • Middleware and application servers
  • Application development
  • Portals
  • Business process management and monitoring
  • Data management
  • Component strategies

Dynamic Response Environments provide a way for organizations to develop composite applications that bring existing corporate software resources together. This creates flexible and changeable business resources without the massive programming models of the past. In addition to saving time and money, organizations with Dynamic Response Environments can proactively meet emerging customer needs by quickly testing new business models without a huge investment in new technology.

Is your IT structure doing all that it can for your business?

  • Can you leverage data wherever it resides?
  • Can you connect disparate systems in real-time when a need arises?
  • Can you integrate information from customers, suppliers, and partners to create new business opportunities?
  • Can you monitor the activity of the business and the satisfaction of customer and partner interaction?
  • Can you support a technology infrastructure environment that can dynamically respond to changes and opportunities?

A Dynamic Response Environment can do all this and more. Learn how to adapt your technology to:

  • Better manage relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners
  • Quickly respond to new business opportunities by easily testing several options
  • Achieve the benefits of large-scale integration without the cost or time investment
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