Demonstrated Benefits of Software Delivery Automation – an Analyst Study

September 6, 2011

Demonstrated Benefits of Software Delivery Automation – an Analyst Study


Judith Hurwitz, President
Fern Halper, Ph.D, Partner
Marcia Kaufman, COO and Principal Analyst

Sponsored by IBM

Solution focus: IBM Rational Build Forge and IBM Rational Automation Framework for WebSphere (RAFW)

Software is a strategic asset that helps companies differentiate themselves from competitors, improve service, and optimize performance results. Business applications are pivotal in determining a company’s ability to grow and change in light of competitive threats and opportunities. Successful organizations have the infrastructure in place to automate processes that ensure consistency, predictability, and manageability of their applications environments. Consider that, only a few years ago, a typical application was changed no more than a few times a year. In contrast, software development, deployment, and operations are now in a constant state of change. It is now quite common for organizations to require weekly or even daily modification to software releases in order to remain competitive. Additionally, development and delivery groups are being asked to deliver new software at an increasing rate.

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