Customer Perspectives on the Benefits of a Collaborative Process to Deliver Software Quality

October 22, 2009

Customer Perspectives on the Benefits of a Collaborative Process to Deliver Software Quality

Authors: Marcia Kaufman & Dr. Fern Halper

Sponsored by IBM

The delivery of high quality software in today’s increasingly interconnected and computerized world is more critical than ever to an organization’s success. Why? In one form or another, this software touches the customer. Today, software drives everything from equipment on the factory floor to controls managing traffic flow on crowded city streets. Whether it is a system to process claims and deliver information to customers and partners, an online banking system, or the embedded technology systems in an automobile or household appliance, businesses rely on software assets to build competitive advantage and grow their businesses.

Organizations understand the need to anticipate and respond more quickly to their customers’ priorities and requirements. This responsiveness demands increasing levels of business agility and is predicated on effective management of the complex set of systems that support the products and services delivered to customers and partners. To respond to this changing market requirement, the software delivery lifecycle has begun to mature. It has become more iterative and dynamic, as organizations strive to optimize business outcomes in an environment of constant change.

Organizations are, therefore, taking a hard look at how to ensure that the software delivery process is aligned with the strategy and goals of the business. IT management wants to improve their processes for delivering quality software and optimize the benefits from their investment in software assets. Software developers, quality managers, line of business managers and other stakeholders need a consistent and reliable way to connect with each other so the right information is shared among the right people at the right time.

For example, both development and testing organizations need to immediately know about any changes to application requirements so that they can plan and react quickly. Many sophisticated organizations are moving to automate and track the distribution of this kind of information to all members of the software delivery team. This is a continuous, integrated, flexible approach to software delivery which also involves measuring key metrics and reporting on these metrics to increase visibility and improve decision making.

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