Customer Pain Mapping

February 13, 2007

Customer Pain Mapping

If you understand your customers’ pain, you have a powerful competitive advantage. That’s because you can target your products and messaging to a market hungry for what you sell.  

Hurwitz Customer Pain Mapping isolates the exact sources of frustration, disappointment, and even failure that your customers experience. Our services go beyond diagnosis; we recommend exactly what you need to do to make the most of your knowledge of that pain.

Our Process 

Pain Mapping is a strategic methodology that enables your organization to determine how your products align to customer pain. Based on our unique combination of technical and marketing expertise, this four-step service generates your roadmap for future product planning.

Every Hurwitz Customer Pain Mapping engagement begins with a current state evaluation. This includes in-depth interviews with several major customers and with your sales and product support management.


After making an objective analysis of our findings, we hold an interactive session with your key players. There, we present our assessment of how well your company understands and addresses your customers’ pain. We help your management recognize how the market perceives your technology.

Using the output of that meeting, we analyze the competition, emerging market requirements, and adjacent markets. In the final workshop, we work with you to define how you can alter company direction to offer the most effective relief for customer pain. The goal is to align the two to drive growth in marketshare.


Our Deliverables

Clients that participate in our Customer Pain Mapping process benefit from:

Raw data about customer perceptions and needs.

Analysis of the current state.

Assessment of how wellyour company understands and addresses your customers pain.

Recommendations on how to align products to alleviate customer pain.

A foundation for next steps such messaging workshops, partnership planning, and customer benefit studies.

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