Customer Benifit Green Paper

February 13, 2007

Customer Benifit Green Paper

Hurwitz GreenPaper gives you the ability to leverage knowledge about the use of your products and services. Each paper is the product of Primary Research, detailing how a significant group of customers have experienced success with your product. A Hurwitz GreenPaper provides compelling insights into why customers buy, what benefits they gain, and even why they have rejected a competitor’s offering.

Every Hurwitz GreenPaper combines the best characteristics of a case study with the tabulated results of research. Whereas traditional case studies highlight the success of one company, a Hurwitz GreenPaper incorporates input from multiple organizations, producing much more powerful results. By aggregating customers’ experiences and judgments, a Hurwitz GreenPaper delivers valuable information that drives technology, product, sales, and marketing plans.


Our Process

Our sophisticated methodology uses a six-step process to demonstrate quantifiable benefits from technology products. As with all Hurwitz & Associates engagements, we start by working with our client to identify the specific business and technical benefits of particular products that they want to evaluate. Based on these objectives, we construct a set of questions.


We conduct detailed telephone interviews with a minimum of ten customers. We ensure that individuals can speak anonymously and without the need for management approval. As a result, we uncover ‘real’ customer opinions from individuals who have direct experience. Each conversation raises interesting and useful issues, insights, and potential requirements.

We analyze, interpret, and link the data to best practices, and then we recommend steps the organization can take to publicize success and/or improve market opinion. All this information appears in the completed Hurwitz GreenPaper.


Our Deliverables 

The Hurwitz GreenPaper is an ideal resource for sales training, product marketing, and IT groups that are justifying purchases. GreenPapers offer a reality check on the value of products and services, and they get to the heart of the technical and business benefits of your product. Every Hurwitz GreenPaper includes:

An aggregate of quantifiable business and technical benefits.

Exposure of key issues that affect sales.

Analysis that reveals the kinds of business and technical values a company’s products and services deliver

Patterns of customer success and a list of strong, customer-validated benefits that form the basis for product development, marketing strategy and sales programs.

A credible third-party report that educates prospects of the real benefits other companies have achieved

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