Creating Dynamic Business Networks: Removing IT Silos to Create Smarter Computing

October 3, 2011

Creating Dynamic Business Networks: Removing IT Silos to Create Smarter Computing


Judith Hurwitz, CEO

Sponsored by IBM

The world of Information Technology is changing from a set of disconnected silos to a dynamic foundation that supports a more agile and flexible business environment. To support the need for business change demands that IT assets become a pool of resources and integrated information sources. This new emphasis on leveraging assets is directly tied to economic  transformation across increasingly important business networks. Companies are beginning to understand that their  competitive value in the markets they serve are directly related to the way they empower their ecosystem of customers,  partners, and suppliers. Traditional techniques of managing these relationships are becoming too costly and inefficient. At the same time, companies are recognizing that their survival depends on their ability to innovate and offer new products and services that leverage their intellectual property. This innovation has to be achieved in the context of flat or declining budgets. In this paper, we provide an overview of IBM’s Smarter Computing initiative and how it recognizes the changes taking place within the IT paradigm.

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