Cloud Computing For Dummies Table Of Contents

October 22, 2009

Cloud Computing For Dummies Table Of Contents

Contents at a Glance

Part I: Introducing Cloud Computing

Chapter 1: Grasping the Fundamentals

Chapter 2: Check out Cloud Service Delivery Models

Chapter 3: Viewing the Cloud Holistically

Chapter 4: Developing Your Cloud Strategy

Part II: Understanding the Nature of the Cloud

Chapter 5: Seeing the Advantages of the Highly Scaled Data Center 

Chapter 6: Comparing Technology Costs: Cloud versus

Traditional Data Center

Chapter 7: Checking the Cloud’s Workload Strategy 

Chapter 8: Managing Data 

Chapter 9: Discovering Private and Hybrid Clouds


Part III: Examining the Cloud Elements

Chapter 10: Seeing Infrastructure as a Service

Chapter 11: Exploring Platform as a Service

Chapter 12: Using Software as a Service

Chapter 13: Understanding Massively Scaled Applications and Business Processes 

Chapter 14: Setting some Standards 

Part IV: Managing the Cloud

Chapter 15: Managing and Securing Cloud Services

Chapter 16: Governing the Cloud

Chapter 17: Virtualization and the Cloud

Chapter 18: Managing Desktops and Devices in the Cloud

Chapter 19: Service Oriented Architecture and the Cloud

Chapter 20: Managing the Cloud Environment

Part V: Planning for the Cloud

Chapter 21: Banking on Cloud Economics 

Chapter 22: Starting Your Journey to the Cloud

Part VI: The Part of Tens

Chapter 23: Ten (Plus One) Swell Cloud Computing Resources

Chapter 24: Ten Cloud Dos and Don’ts


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Cloud Computing for Dummies
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