“Client Management: A Maturity Framework”

July 1, 2007

“Client Management: A Maturity Framework”

Author Robin Bloor, Partner

Sponsored by CA

From fragmented management to business driven management

How the client domain became chaotic is not a mystery. The PC was the most
disruptive technology that businesses ever had the opportunity to exploit. At first it
was a stand-alone device that made typewriters and adding machines redundant.
Then it was a connected device that laid waste to the vast population of computer
terminals and enabled the building of productive departmental and workgroup
applications. Then it accommodated email, delivered access to the Internet and,
finally, it morphed into a mobile device as laptops proliferated. And now it is no
longer sensible to think in terms of PCs alone as client devices; the PDA and the
mobile phone are both becoming delivery points for business applications.


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