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October 18, 2012

Winning Mobile and Web Customers with Fast Data

Winning Mobile and Web Customer with Fast Data Authors: Marcia Kaufman, COO and Principal Analyst and Daniel Kirsch, Research Analyst Sponsored by VMware Business leaders are finding that they need to dramatically transform the way their organizations engage with customers to remain competitive. Fast Data – the data architecture that supports real-time decision-making – is […]

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September 27, 2011

Victory Index Report for Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics has become a key component of a competitive company’s analytics arsenal. It is one of the most important trends in analytics because in difficult economic environment companies need to have a better ability to anticipate where markets are headed and where customer demand will be. Predictive analytics provides the capability to use more […]

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December 13, 2010

A Guide to Building a Metrics Driven Organization

Author:  Dr. Fern Halper, Partner Sponsored by PivotLink A guide describing what to consider when developing metrics.  The importance of metrics, how to think about metrics and KPIs, how to develop metrics, case studies of companies that were successful building out metrics strategies. Hurwitz_PivotLink_FINAL.pdf

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May 1, 2009

Content Management Meets Text Analytics

Author Dr. Fern Halper, Partner Sponsored by EMC Content management systems are a treasure trove of information since there is a significant amount of insight that can be derived from this unstructured data. Information is the lifeblood of any company. While organizations have made significant progress in analyzing their structured data (such as sales figures […]

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April 1, 2009

From Business Intelligence to Business Optimization

Authors Dr. Fern Halper, Partner Robin Bloor, Partner Sponsored by IBM The road to increased business benefit Companies run on information. And in today’s dynamic and changing market, businessesneed trusted and actionable information more than ever. In order to be successful,businesses must maximize their information assets to capture new opportunities andremain competitive. What does a […]

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October 1, 2008

Expanding the Boundaries of Enterprise Content Management Systems

By Dr. Fern Halper, Partner Sponsored by IBM Content Analytics: Delivering Improved Business Insight and Performance The technology needed to implement an information management strategy will provide access to and analysis of systems data and the vast amount of unstructured data or “content” sitting in content repositories. 08 IBM_ECM_WP.pdf

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June 1, 2007

Using Data Models to Maximize the Value of Your Data Warehouse

Authors Dr. Fern Halper, Partner Marcia Kaufman, COO and Principal Analyst Judith Hurwitz President & CEO Sponsored by IBM The typical IT organization often has trouble understanding the data requirements from a business unit as well as the ovall corporate context. Because of the dramatic changes in the financial services industry, companies are looking for […]

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