Service Oriented Architecture for Dummies

Whether you’re the IT person responsible for developing SOA or the executive who’s trying to get a handle on the concept, this book will help you understand what SOA is, why it’s important, and how you can make the most of it.
Learn how to:

Identify the main components of SOA and how they work to create business processes
Create reusable, flexible systems and avoid common pitfalls
Develop a governance strategy for SOA based on your company’s philosophy and culture
Maximize the benefits of unified communications


November 4, 2009

Service Oriented Architecture Financial Services Case Studies

Chapter 21 Financial Services  In This Chapter  ▶ CIGNA ▶ Innoveo ▶ Jack Henry & Associates  Many companies in the financial services market segment have been early adopters of new technology. The various company types included in this sector – banks, insurance, investment, and brokerage companies – all have a common need to manage very […]

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