Cloud Computing for Dummies

Learn what cloud computing is and how it differs from traditional approaches. This book takes you through the options, what they can do for your company, how to choose the best approach for your business, and how to build a strategy. You’ll learn about managing and securing cloud services and get down-to-earth advice about planning your move to the cloud.
Learn how to:

Understand the benefits and challenges, how to select a service, and what’s involved in getting it up and running
Analyze how much a cloud data center can save your company in power, labor, property, and other expenses
Understand issues involved in cloud management and how governance is defined inside the cloud
Recognize the assorted risks and how to determine acceptable risk levels


October 22, 2009

Cloud Computing For Dummies Read A Chapter

Chapter 12 Using Software as a Service In This Chapter ▶ Looking at the origins of SaaS: ▶ Understanding how the SaaS model works ▶ Understanding the economics and the ecosystem “When did Software as a Service get its start?” might sound like a straightforward question, but it isn’t.  In one way, you could […]

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October 22, 2009

Cloud Computing For Dummies Table Of Contents

Contents at a Glance Part I: Introducing Cloud Computing Chapter 1: Grasping the Fundamentals Chapter 2: Check out Cloud Service Delivery Models Chapter 3: Viewing the Cloud Holistically Chapter 4: Developing Your Cloud Strategy Part II: Understanding the Nature of the Cloud Chapter 5: Seeing the Advantages of the Highly Scaled Data Center  Chapter 6: […]

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